Exercise can be challenging, but following your workout plan can be easy as pie. Check out this extensive library of our favorite exercises!

By Body Part

Abs    Arms     Back    Butt & Hips   Chest   Total Body   Lower Body    Shoulders

By Equipment

Bands    Body Weight    Box    Dumbbells   Fit Ball    Kettle Bell

Alphabetical Listing:

Band Bent Over Lat Pulls

Band Bent Over Rows

Band Bicep Curls

Band Forward Shoulder Raises

Band Lateral Shoulder Raises

Band Lateral Walk

Band Overhead Press

Band Squat Thrusters

Band Standing Rows

Band Standing Torso Rotations

Band Static Lunge

Band Static Push Outs

Band Tricep Extensions

Bent Over Row

Bent Over Tricep Extension



Bosu Bent Leg V-Sits

Bosu Elbow Plank with Single Arm Raise

Bosu Forward Lunge

Bosu Lateral Lunge

Bosu Lunge with Back Leg on Bosu

Bosu Mountain Climbers

Bosu Push-Ups

Bosu Push-Up on Bottom of Bosu

Bosu Push-Up on Top of Bosu

Bosu Push-Ups with Knee on Bosu

Bosu Push-Up with One Hand on Bosu

Bosu Side Crunch

Bosu Side Plank Pulses

Bosu Straight Leg V-Sits


Caterpillar Push-Ups

Close Grip Push-Ups

Dead Bugs

Diamond Push-Ups

Dive Bombers

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Dumbbell Push-Ups

Dumbbell Thruster

Fitball Back Extension

Fitball Bent Row with Kettle Bell

Fitball Dumbbell Glute Bridge with Back on Ball

Fitball Forward Crunch

Fitball Glute Bridge Marches

Fitball Glute Bridge with Chest Press

Fitball Glute Bridge with Kettle Bell Chest Press

Fitball Glute Bridge with Long Arm Pull

Fitball Hamstring Curl

Fitball Knee to Chest Crunch

Forward Plank with Arm Raise, Leg Raise or Both

Fitball Plank Roll Outs

Fitball Pikes

Fitball Prone Bicycle Crunch

Fitball Prone Glute Extension

Fitball Prone Rear Delt Flys

Fitball Push-Ups

Fitball Push-Ups with Knees on Fitball

Fitball Seated Forward Shoulder Raise

Fitball Seated Lateral Shoulder Raise

Fitball Seated Overhead Shoulder Press

Fitball Seated Single Arm Overhead Shoulder Press

Fitball Side Crunch

Fitball Side to Side Oblique Twists

Fitball Single Arm Chest Press with Glute Bridge

Fitball Single Leg Hamstring Curl

Fitball Superman with Ball Between Legs

Forward Elbow Plank

Forward Crunch

Forward Elbow Plank with Single Arm Reach

Forward Hand Plank with Foot Raise

Forward Hand Plank with Knee Drive

Forward Hand Plank with Knee Drive to Opposite Side

Forward Hand Plank with Shoulder Taps

Forward Hand Plank with Single Arm Reach

Forward Hand Plank with Single Arm and Foot Raise

Forward Lunge with Dumbbells

Forward Oblique Crunch

Forward Sit-Up with Reach

Glute Bridges

Heel Reach Crunch

Inverted Shoulder Push-Ups

Kettle Bell Deadlift (Single)

Kettle Bell Glute Bridge with Long Arm Pull Over

Kettle Bell High Pull

Kettle Bell RDL

Kettle Bell Single Arm Snatch

Kettle Bell Single Leg RDL

Kettle Bell Single Overhead Reverse Lunge

Kettle Bell Sumo Deadlift

Kettle Bell Swing

Kettle Bell Renegade Row with Push-Up

Kettle Bell Push-Up

Leg Raises

Modified Elbow Plank

Modified Star Plank from knees with Leg Raise

Prone Glute Kicker

Prone Lateral Hip Raise

Push Ups

Push-Up with Single Leg Raise

Renegade Row

Renegade Row with Push-Up and Twist

Side Crunch

Side Plank Pulse

Single Leg Toe Touches

Spider Abs

Staggered Hand Push-Ups

Star Plank with Leg Raise


Supine Ab Flutter Kicks

Supine Bent Knee Heel Drop

Supine Toe Touches

Supine Torso Rotations

Threading the Kneedle

Turkish Get-Ups