Kettle Bell Squat with High Pull

IMG_1119 IMG_1120 IMG_1121

Turkish Get-Up

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IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0895 IMG_0896

Squat Thruster

IMG_1046 IMG_1047  IMG_1048

Kettle Bell Swings

IMG_1120 IMG_1123 IMG_1124

Renegade Row with Push-Up

IMG_1044 IMG_1042 IMG_1043

Fitball Chest Press with Glute Bridge

IMG_1076 IMG_1077

Fitball Glute Bridge with Long Arm Pull Over

IMG_1082 IMG_1083

Fitball Glute Bridge with Kettle Bell Long Arm Pull Over

IMG_1114 IMG_1113

Kettle Bell Single Arm Snatch

IMG_1126 IMG_1127 IMG_1128