Our Mission

Motto: “You cannot be physically fit, if you are not mentally fit.”

Brewery Boot Camp offers a different type of workout environment because fitness shouldn’t be limited to the inside of a gym.

If you are looking to get fit with equipment, sure, we have the typical gear – dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, etc. – but we add flare with items like kegs, barrels, and grain bags. Plus, Brewery Boot Camp has combined two of the best things Colorado has to offer, an awesome exercise environment and GREAT CRAFT BEER! Brewery Boot Camp’s high quality, total body workouts are designed for people of all fitness levels whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey. Join us in a welcoming atmosphere where friends old and new come together, break a sweat, and enjoy a beer and some laughs afterward.

How did we start?

Brewery Boot Camp’s founders, Lindsay and Paul Chavez, are both Certified Personal Trainers and beer brewers. They began helping family, friends, and clients stick to their fitness goals by hosting group workouts at local parks. Often participants would finish their workout and head to the local brewery to treat themselves and socialize. They decided, why not combine the two?

Paul and Lindsay strongly believe in their motto, “You cannot be physically fit, if you are not mentally fit.” That means it’s OK to have a beer or whatever treat you like once in a while. They also believe in building a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise and healthy eating instead of suffering through fad diets and trendy workouts.

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